"The best part about working with Emmet is that he thinks dramaturgically. He's really interested in interrogating the text and how his medium can support the audience's understanding of the story. I would hire Emmet again in a heartbeat."

Sofia Lindgren Galloway, Director

"Throughout the process, I felt that Emmet not only grasped the larger vision, but found ways to support it and create it — ways that I hadn't seen at all."

Rose Schwietz, Actor/Director

"For our past three seasons, what we've enjoyed most is the level of commitment, quality, and collaboration Emmet contributes to every production. We are proud to tell anyone that he has proven to be absolutely essential to our company."

David Albino, Producer

I'm a designer of lighting and video based in Minneapolis.

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis. I love its vibrant, intimate, and diverse arts and culture. I love that tickets are cheap, public green space is plentiful, and that I constantly run into friends in restaurants. The town is small, but the world is big.

You'll hire me because of my raw, immediate, and honest aesthetic; for my high standard of quality; for my collaborative spirit; and because you believe that the stories we tell as a community matter.

You can find my photo and video work at emmetkowler.com

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